Rejuvenate at Ulu

Ocean Serenity. Welcome to Ulu Cliffhouse Rejuvenation, your serene getaway! Dive into Balinese relaxation amidst oceanic beauty.

Our skilled therapists await you in our cozy rejuvenation room room or indulge in treatments at our relaxing daybeds while overlooking the ocean. Customizing each touch to melt stress away. Let waves serenade your journey to tranquility.

Feel the genuine relaxation and mesmerizing views in once. Experience self-care joy and leave rejuvenated, embrace your life’s beauty.

Yoga at ulu

Awaken your body, mind, and spirit. A blissful morning yoga journey with a breathtaking ocean view backdrop on the Ulu CliffHouse Ocean Deck. This invigorating class is tailored for everyone whether you’re a beginner or an experienced yogi.

Breathe in the morning freshness, energize your body and set a harmonious tone for the day ahead. Savor the refreshing taste of a Bali coconut after your practice. Join us for an unforgettable oceanfront yoga, where every inhale is met
with a sea breeze, and every exhale releases any lingering tension.